Maison d'Hôtes de charme en Pays Cathare - Calme & sérénité en Languedoc près de Carcassonne
We propose you in the lines which follow some routes of ballads by car from our hosts' House

The marvels of the Cathar Country:

From Verzeille, take the direction of Limoux via St Hilaire.

Cross Limoux and continue towards Quillan.

In the entrance of Quillan (after the store Carrefour Market) immediately after the small stony bridge to set off to Laval ( D109) to the left in the direction of St Louis and Parahou.

Région des Corbières

Continue on this road up to St Louis's Pass.

Arrived at the pass continue quite straight ahead on D9 and begin the descent towards Caudies de Fenouillèdes take advantage of it to make a stopping place on the viaduct which steps over the road by which you come down: the panorama is magnificent!!!

Aude - Col de St Louis

Once to Caudies, take the direction of St Paul de Fenouillet by D117 where you will not miss to make a stopping place to taste the greedy speciality of the corner: "les croquants" some delicious cookies....

In St Paul's entrance having crossed the river Agly take the sixth street on your left in the direction of the Gorges of Galamus ( D7).

By rising towards gorges take advantage of the landscape on your left....

Région des Corbières

In the entrance of gorges, park you on parking lot which overhangs the river and the Hermitage situated below: in 15 minutes of assured walking (with good walking shoes) you will arrive in the Hermitage hung on the mountain. Take time to refresh before beginning the route of return either on your steps, or by taking the tunnel which crosses the rock face, then the staircases which will lead you up to the second parking lot along D7.

Hermitage de Galamus

Gorges de Galamus

Take back your vehicle and engage you with caution and to the step, on the road which goes along gorges but which cannot welcome that a vehicle of wide at once the road was directly dug in the rock face and the river raises gradually at the level of the road until the exit of gorges: it is a surprising and vertiginous show !!!

Gorges de Galamus

Gorges de Galamus
Pursue your road on D10. If the hunger torments you, at the exit of gorges, you will find a small unpretentious inn which is called "Le Moulin" and which can be of use to you a fast simple but copious lunch (attention, the place is not opened all year long; inquire beforehand).

Continue until Cubières on Cinoble and set on your right in the village in the direction of the Castle of Peyrepertuse (via D14).

After some miles and 3 passes (the pass of Enguilhem, the one of Grès and then the one of "La croix dessus") you will arrive at Duilhac under Peyrepertuse.

Do not hesitate to take the rise towards the Castle from the exit of the village you will not regret it: the more you go to rise, and the more the landscape is going to confide and to offer you an amazing show....

Région des Corbières

Park you at the top of the rise on the parking lot visitors of the Castle and go to discover this Cathar marvel which will give you the opportunity to make extraordinary photos

Château de Peyrepertuse

Of return of your visit, take back your car and come down again in the entrance of Duilhac to take to the right D14 in the direction of the Castle of Queribus and Cucugnan.

After 6 km you will discover the village of Cucugnan which deserves a stopping place. Leave to feet to the discovery of its former streets and its famous mill.

Village de Cucugnan

Once visited Cucugnan, it's time to take back the road towards the Castle of
Queribus ( D123): a little bit before the pass of the Grau de Maury, you will see on your left the access road in the Castle. Take up to the parking lot and leave to the assault of this fortress. Do not especially forget your camera because if you reach at the top of the donjon after a beautiful steep little climb, you will be rewarded by a panorama in 360 ° which will reveal you Corbières, Pyrenees, the Coast of Méditerrannée, the vineyards, and all the valley which you have just crossed; you will be in a life-size film set!!!

Château de Qeribus

Région Languedoc

Once handed by your feelings, take back your vehicle and begin the descent towards Maury by D19. A stopping place in village of Maury is imperative if you are amateurs of wine you will find in full city center, a cooperative there which will know how to propose you all which is made of better in the Region.....

After this gastronomic stopping place, return towards St Paul de Fenouillet by D117, and, if the time allows it you and what get tired has not brought down to you yet, continue until Lavagnac (after Caudies). It is in this village that you will find on your left the direction of the Castle of Puilaurens which is in some hundreds of meters.

If it is already too late, return by St Louis's pass the direction of which you will find in the village of Caudies or by D117 via Axat, Couiza, Quillan, then Limoux ( D118) and finally Verzeilles via Pomas ( D43).....